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Would you like to join us and have some fun? Be it Hacking, Hunting, Jumping or Dressage. We can offer it all and more

We are based in Teesdale, Co. Durham and aim to provide a full range of activities for riders in our local area.

The Club was established in 2007 by 3 friends Lezley Aldrich, Viv Dent and Jo Cosgrove, who felt there was a need for a Club in Teesdale . An open meeting was arranged to gauge the feelings of local riders and by the end of the meeting we had more than 40 members. Today we are an active affiliated Club with almost 200 members and although initially it was for seniors only, due to the increasing interest by younger riders, a sub-committee was formed and we now have a well attended Junior Section. Both seniors and juniors run separate activities but join forces when the need, or want, arises.



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