Well done to all our BCTRC members who competed in the Grassroots Dressage on Sunday. 

Lezley and I are very proud of you all (we were spying on you from the scoring cupboard).

Junior Purple team - 2nd

Mia Boustead - individual 1st

Freddie Nicholson - individual 3rd

Sophie Bowes - individual 4th

Amelia Dickinson - individual 2nd

Junior Pink team - 3rd

Lia Broomfield - individual 4th

Elena Clement-Dawson - individual 1st

Polly Nicholson - individual 3rd

Jade Sumner-Smith

Junior Blue team - 4th

Ewan Logan - individual 3rd

Phebe Maughan - individual 4th

Freddie Nicholson - individual 5th

Francesca Stobbs - individual 6th

Senior Pink team - 3rd

Jessica Jane Townley

Jannnette Vernon - individual 3rd

Amy Clarke - individual - 4th

Leanne Boustead

Senior Purple team

Amanda McLuckie - individual 6th

Helen Hobson - individual 2nd

Helen Smith

Senior Blue team

Helen Charlton

Diana Peat

Bronagh Daly - individual 4th

Please contact Lezley to organise collection of your rosette and dressage scoresheet.

1 December 2019

Huge congratulations to all those who braved the cold for the Area Winter Showjumping qualifiers and a big thank you to Helen Roff and Lezley Aldrich for scoring all day. Awesome results as usual from our members with the juniors pretty much clearing up and not leaving much for the other clubs!! Amy Bowes having a brilliant day winning the Junior 80 individually as well as being part of the winning Purple team with Ella Gibbon who came 2nd, Felix Moran who came 5th and Tom Wealleans, our Junior Red Team also came 2nd with Lily Ramsey who came 3rd, Sasha Cowie who came 6th and Ella Gibbon, in fact out juniors took the top 6 places individually and the top 2 teams in this class! Then staying on the winning streak, the Junior 90 Purple team went on a won the Junior 90 class with Samantha Morgan coming 2nd, Jessica Smith-Straughan coning 3rd, Lia Broomfield coming 6th and Sasha Cowie.....that should have rocketed the BCTRC Juniors in to the lead for the Winter League!

The seniors also had a great day, with the Senior 80 team coming 4th with Andrea Clymo, Nikki Lawson, Kelly Clack and Jessica Townley who had an amazing round for her come back after nearly a year out and being told early in the year that she may never be able to ride the horse again! Then in the Senior 90 we had Kassie Greenwood who stormed round for an individual 6th! So despite the freezing cold, there were smiles all round! Well done everyone and thank you to those who helped

Huge congratulations to all those who competed yesterday at the Grassroots Winter Showjumping at Alnwick Ford, amazing results for everyone with a win for the juniors in the Grassroots Showjumping (Mia Bousted, Elena Dawson, Pippa Morgan and Ewan Logan) and an individual win for Elena Dawson in the Junior 50, an individual win for Pippa Morgan in the Junior 60, an individual win for Charlotte Curnow in the Senior 60. Pippa Morgan then went on to an individual 3rd in the Junior 70cm qualifier and the Senior 70cm team came 7th (Jessica Townley, Jeremy Harland, Charlotte Curnow and Sarah Ulph). Our Junior Team Pink took the final class of the day and won the Junior 80 (Sammy Morgan, Saffie Aitchison, Scarlett Aitchison and Savanagh Burnside) with our Junior Purple team (Zara Bowden, Ameila Wilkinson, Elaine Clarke and coming a very close 2nd tying on faults but the Pink team just pipped them on time in the jump off! Individually it was a win for Elaine Clarke, with Sammy Morgan in 3rd, Lily Ramsey in 5th and Saffie Aitchison in 6th. Well done everyone!!!! For the full results please visit and photos will be available at

Woooohooooo Barnard Castle & Teesdale Riding Club are the winners of the Junior 80 Horse Trials Trophy for 2019!!! The riders were Pippa Atherton, Ruby Sheridan, Grace Burgin, Ella Gibbon....well done girls!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



The dedication of Barnard Castle & Teesdale RC junior members Lia Broomfield riding Manhattan II, Samantha Morgan riding Colandra Phoenix, Harriet Hodgson riding Summerhouse Shadow, Ella Gibbon riding Kitty culminated in becoming SEIB Insurance Brokers British Riding Clubs Winter Junior 80 Champions 2019 at Arena UK, 31 March, Lia 4th and Sammy 10th individually.  Our junior Dressage Team Jessica Smith-Straughan, Polly Nicholson, Sasha Cowie and Cara May Riley did extremely well finishing 10th nationally, Sasha 5th individually, and our senior Dressage individual Arlene Frater 7th in her arena.

This was the latest in a long list of successes for the Club; Arena Eventing Championships saw Ben Ward placed 2nd Junior 70 Nationally and our teams Junior 80 placed 12th, Aaron Clarke 11th individually, Junior 90 placed 12th and Senior 80 placed 14th

Combined Training saw our Junior Riders Scarlett Atchinson, Polly Nicholson, Jessica Smith-Straughan, Aaron Clare, Sophie Bowes, Ben Ward, Ruby Sheridan, Sammy Morgan, Saffie Atchinson and Seniors Robyn Whitton and Samantha Deer Qualify for the Northern Championships at Bishop Burton in August. 

Our Grassroots Junior 50cm Team Hannah Straughan, Pippa Morgan, Martha Gibbon and Jade Sumner-Smith placed 2nd, 70cm Team Millie Hodgson, Pippa Atherton, Sophie Bowes and Zara Bowden placed 2nd and 80cm team Ruby Sheridan, Amy Bowes, Samantha Morgan, and Sasha Cowie 1st.  Seniors 80cm team Sarah Clement-Dawson, Sarita Linck, Skye Knox and Jessica Townley 1st and 70cm team Charlotte Curnow, Nikki Lawson, Jemma Wood and Jeremy Harland placed 2nd.

The Club encourages riders of all abilities to “have a go” and we hold regular flatwork, polework, dressage and showjumping clinics at Houghall Equine Unit from grassroots upwards.  Intermediate Showjumping with Sarah Tubbs at Marwood Equestrian Centre, Barnard Castle and Dressage with various instructors during the year.  Our Summer League Dressage and Winter League Show Jumping organised by Clare Martin have been instrumental in preparing many riders for Area Competitions and ultimately qualification to Championships, giving some their first taste of competition of any sort.  All our events, clinics and lessons are advertised on our website








MEMBERS of a Dale riding club have ridden their way into a championship competition.

Barnard Castle and Teesdale Riding Club entered both the junior and senior sections of the Area 2 dressage qualifier for the British Riding Club in Burnhope, County Durham, on January 28.

The junior team, which was made up of Pippa Sinclair, Charlotte Merrigan Martin, Polly Nicholson and Jessica Smith Straughn rode their socks off scoring three first and third placing which secured the title and allowed them to qualify for the nationals.

The senior team, which consisted of Fiona Kearton, Shaun Malpass, Nikki Lawson and Kate Lee, also took the senior title.

The teams will now represent Area 2 at the KBIS British Riding Club's national dressage championships in April where they will compete against 22 teams from ten riding clubs across the country.

Several members also qualified as individual riders at the championships, with some competing for the first time.

A spokesman for the club said: "All the teams members were over the moon with the results, a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into this result and paid off."

Here is the BRC Grassroots League Table. 
Please note - scores earned on different horses have now been split by BRC.
Our club members are highlighted in yellow. 
Currently in the Nation top 10 are Emily Barningham, Hannah Straughan, Jessica Smith-Straughan, Phippa Morgan and Sarah Wilkinson.
Well done folks, and keep up the good work  Please click this LINK for full league table

Official results will be posted as soon as I get them but in the meantime :

HORSE TRIALS:  Perhaps I should wait till the official results are posted but I thought I'd "jump the gun" this time :) BCTRC Junior HT 80cm Team, Cara May Riley, Aaron Clark, Sammy Morgan and Amy Bowes, won today, 9 July, and qualified for Swalcliffe Park 4-6 August. Individually Sammy 2nd, Aaron 3rd, Cara 4th. Well done to them all

Another good day at Area Qualifier today for our Show jumping competitors. Sammy won 70cm class, Millie 2nd 70cm, Charlie 11th 80cm & 4th 75cm Style Jumping Clair 6th 70cm. Well done to all

Well done to everyone who competed at the Area 2 dressage & DTM Qualifier today. Our Junior team Pippa Morgan 4th, Charlie Liveredge 3rd, Polly Nicholson 2nd Team 3rd overall. Tracy Straughan 4th, Sian Whitehead 7th Novice, Isobel Burnett 8th Team 6th.   Elementary, Chloe Gosling 2nd Medium & 1st DTM. A big Thank You to our volunteers too x

BRC GRASSROOTS CHAMPIONSHIP RESULT TABLE TO DATE   For those who have competed this year in any BRC S/J 60-70cm or dressage Intro and Prelim. Please Click this LINK

VERY WELL DONE to Amy Bowes and Cara Riley on their results from Sunday 26 February,

Combined Training Qualifier  Individual:   Amy 2nd Cara 4th

Combined Training W/L individual:  Amy 2nd Cara 3rd

The official result for the Intermediate Dressage Qualifier have been published on the Area 2 website. 
Here are the results:

Junior Individual 
Cara May Riley 1st in novice 30 and Area 2 qualifier for the Intermediate championships.

Senior Team Orange unplaced
Tracy Straughan individual 4th in novice 30
Senior Team Lime unplace
Pauline Rowntree individual 2nd in novice 34

Senior Individuals
Chloe Gosling 3rd in Medium 71

Well done folks. It was a very competetive day with terrible weather conditions.


A huge well done to our grassroots show jumping teams today at West Park, you all did our club proud. Juniors once again outdid the seniors (boohoo lol ) coming 1st (BCTRC ORANGE Jessica Smith Straughan, Daniel Lowther, Amy Bowes and Sammy Morgan)and 4th        (BCTRC MAGENTA) Millie Hodgson, Francesca Stobbs, Harriet Hodgson and Aaron Clarke). Individually 1st Amy Bowes, 2nd Aaron Clarke, 4th Jessica Smith Straughan. Thanks to Hilary McKenna and her band of volunteers for all their hard work, West Park for the first class venue and their cafe staff for the butties, cakes and other goodies. A long cold but thoroughly enjoyable day of friendly rivalry


Well done everyone

NORTHER REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at Bishop Burton 27 August 2016

Senior Team:

Helen Roff Prelim 4     4th

Tracey Fox Nov 27       6th

Pauline Rowntree Prelim 28    8th

Isobel Burnett Elem 43    2nd        TEAM 6th

Junior Team:

Katie Hook Nov24     2nd

Jessica Smith Straughan Prelin 14 4th

Sammi Morgan Prtelim 12                 4th

Pippa Morgan  Prelim 7                     4th        TEAM 4th

Fantastic results for both Senior and Junior competitors individually and even better results for their combined Team efforts.

Well done everyone :)


 Please click this LINK for full results

Area 2 Dressage, Style Jumping and Show Jumping Qualifier was held on 26 June.  We had 3 Qualified for the National Championships at Lincoln 10/11 September

Seniors :  Helen Orton   Style Jumping

   Helen Roff      Novice Dressage

Junior :    Katie Hook      Elementary Dressage


Teams also Qualified for the new Northern Regional Championships held at Bishop Burton 27/28 August

Senior Open Dressage Team  :   Isobel Burnett, Helen Roff, Pauline Rowntree and Tracey Fox

Junior Dressage Team               :   Katie Hook, Jessica Smith-Straughan, Pippa Morgan and Sammi Morgan,


It was a long day and all our competitors, juniors and seniors, gave a good account of themselves. For some it was their first experience of Area Competition and both riders and their mounts rose to the occasion.

Praise has to be given to our Junior competitors who ages ranged from 8-14, they behaved impeccably and all came away with big smiles on their faces and eager to compete again next time.

Our Club would like to thank the organisers and the vast team of volunteers who worked so hard to make the day as enjoyable as it was.



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